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If you still have questions or would like to apply for coverage, please contact AMBA at 888-386-9788 or you may visit the AMBA website for additional information and top apply online.

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Note: Payroll and Pension deduction options are only available in local associations that have made the necessary payroll deduction arrangements for NYSUT Member Benefits-endorsed programs.

Payment Method 26 Payroll Deductions1
20 Payroll Deductions1
12 Pension Deductions1 Semi-Annual Direct Bill
Rate Per Pay Period per $5,000 {{calcRate.base.payroll_26 | currency}} {{calcRate.base.payroll_20 | currency}} {{calcRate.base.pension_12 | currency}} {{calcRate.base.direct_bill | currency}}
Premium Per Pay Period for Child Life Insurance {{calcRate.per_period_ch.payroll_26 | currency}} (n/a) {{calcRate.per_period_ch.payroll_20 | currency}} (n/a) {{calcRate.per_period_ch.pension_12 | currency}} (n/a) {{calcRate.per_period_ch.direct_bill | currency}} (n/a)
Premium Per Pay Period {{calcRate.per_period.payroll_26 | currency}} {{calcRate.per_period.payroll_20 | currency}} {{calcRate.per_period.pension_12 | currency}} {{calcRate.per_period.direct_bill | currency}}
Annual Premium {{calcRate.annual.payroll_26 | currency}} {{calcRate.annual.payroll_20 | currency}} {{calcRate.annual.pension_12 | currency}} {{calcRate.annual.direct_bill | currency}}
1. Payroll & Pension Deduction includes a 15% discount.
Coverage reduces at age 65, 70, 75 and 80.
Coverage terminates at age 85.
NYSUT members, agency fee payers, and their lawful spouses or certified domestic partners under age 85 may apply for Member Benefits-endorsed Term Life Insurance. To be eligible, you must be actively at work.
Eligible Child(ren) are between 15 days and 23 years old (handicapped child age and certain state specifics apply).
This is a quote for term life insurance and NOT an offer for insurance coverage. All applications are subject to underwriting.
Visit the AMBA website for additional plan details.